Where to Find the Best Waffles in Brussels?

Waffle on the Grand Place in Brussels

Best Waffles in Brussels?


We will answer the typical question. Where to Find the Best Waffles in Brussels?

Belgium is a country known for countless things; for its medieval cities such as Bruges or Ghent, for the fact that its capital, Brussels, is also part of the European Union, or for its striking gastronomy, in which beers, French fries, chocolate or waffles stand out.

Gofres or waffles?

Although they seem the same product, they are not, they have small differences. The waffle is of American origin and uses chemical yeast, and the waffle is Belgian and uses natural yeast in the process, resulting in two very similar sweets, but at the same time very different. So if we are referring to the sweet that is prepared in Belgium we must talk about Gofres.

Types of gofles. 

How many types of waffles are there? Well, in Belgium it is said that as many as there are towns in the country, since in each place each one uses a recipe that can be completely unique. However, it is true that there are two types of waffles that are the two most popular. First of all, we have the Liege gofres, this is the typical waffle that has been exported and popularized in the rest of the world. It is said that the first waffle was created by a pastry chef in the city of Liège, which is located in Wallonia, in the 18th century and hence its name.

The Liège gofre batter is denser but lighter, sweeter containing pearl sugar and caramelised on the outside. Its shape is completely irregular and smaller than that of Brussels. Instead, it is lighter on the inside, crisp on the outside and its shape is completely rectangular and is larger, having twenty holes. The easiest way to distinguish one from the other is by shape: regular or irregular.

As for the way of taking it, it is also completely different depending on which of the two gofres is consumed. In Belgium it is always said that it is easy to distinguish a tourist from a resident, since the Liège gofre is consumed without adding anything else or in some cases with a little powdered icing sugar. It does not need any additions. However, the Brussels gofre, being less sweet, is usually accompanied by chocolate, of course Belgian, cream or red berries.

Brussels waffles

Where to Find the Best Waffles in Brussels?

In Brussels there are many places where we can taste a waffle, even on the street. The vans that sell waffles and ice cream are very typical; Belgians, when they leave work, or children from school, often stop in one of these vans and eat a waffle on the way home. So it is easy for you to run into one of them on your tour of the city center; such as in front of the Palace of Justice or in the Plaza Real.

Very famous among tourists are the locals on the street that lead to the emblem of the city, the Manneken Pis. There, while we take a photo with the pissing boy or discover the specialness of this monument, we can be enjoying the most typical Belgian sweet. 

However, there are several places that stand out in terms of the execution of this delicacy. Here we have a small list of the best places to stop for a while, have a waffle, an ice cream and accompany it with a coffee or a refreshing drink.

Maison Dandoy

House opened in 1829 and since then has been making hundreds of waffles daily. They prepare both the Liège and Brussels gofres and you can buy it to take away or sit at one of their tables to taste it. It has several stores around the city, but the best known is the one next to the Grand Plaçe and which has been recently renovated.

Maison Dandoy
Rue Charles Bruls, 11
1000 Bruselas

Café de l’Opera Café,

located next to the Monnaie building, which houses the Brussels Opera, where you can taste the Brussels waffle with different accompaniments. A good place to stop and enjoy a waffle with some impressive and historical views.

Café de l’Opera
Rue de Princess, 4
1000 Bruselas..


Ice cream parlor, which is located in the place that was formerly the port of Brussels, here, in addition to having one of the best waffles in the city, you can also accompany it with one of the best ice creams in Brussels.

Quai aux Briques, 86
1000 Bruselas

If you want to discover more about Belgian gastronomy and learn more about typical Belgian products, such as chocolate or beer, we encourage you to join our Chocolate and Beer Tour in Brussels.