Free Tour Hidden Ghent

Free Tour Hidden Ghent

It is sure you made, or will be, the historic tour of Ghent. But we invite you to join to another tour around the city, who complements the historical tour and it will be made during the night and you will be able to see different historical places and you could discover a different city than from the day. Would you miss it?


Our tour will start beside the imponent San Bavon’s Cathedral and we will lead to the back of this building to see this church from a different point of view, but also to discover the monument dedicated to Van Eyck’s brothers. They are the painters who painted the worldview recognized masterpiece of ¨The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb¨.  From here we will go to the Castle of Gerard the Devil, dated back from the 14th century. After that we we will walk alongside the riverbank of the Nederschelde canal. Our next point will be the City Hall of Ghent, a peculiar building that impresses every visitor, and from that we will discover one of the narrow streets more different from the city, the Graffities Street, a jewel of urban art, created for a short period, but with more than two decades of life.

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There will be time to discover another ancient church, Saint Jacob, starting point every year of the Ghent’s festivities. Close to this church, there is a peculiar old chapel, that used to be a church, then a food market and now homes exclusive events. We will continue our tour through narrow streets, little crowded, but enchanting streets, and we will arrive our next point, Vrijdagmarkt. Built from the 12th century, it is essential to understand the history of Ghent, meeting point of citizens from medieval times and commercial square. Here we can find important places like its Toreken, the oldest building of the square, or the monument to Artevelde, its local hero. And we can´t leave the square without visiting its famous brewery De Dulle Griet, famous for its tradition concerning visitors’ shoes. Even in this same square Ghent citizens confronting its bourgeoisie built the first Socialist House, ONS House, a new sign of the rebellious spirit of the city. And we can´t forget its Great Cannon, an impressive cast-iron cannon to defend the city made by the Dukes of Burgundy. Ending our tour, we will pass House of Alijn by, ancient children hospital, nowadays a museum of ordinary daily life of 20th century people. Our last stop will be at Kraanlei, heart of the historical city center and epicenter of the Ghent nightlife scene.


  • San Bavo's Cathedral.
  • Monument dedicated to Van Eyck's brothers.
  • Castle of Gerard the Devil.
  • Reep.
  • Bisdom Gent Church.
  • Achtersikkel.
  • Ghent City Hall.
  • Graffiti' street.
  • San Jacob Church.
  • Baudelio Abbey.
  • Vrijdagmarkt square.
  • Dulle Griet.
  • Great cannon.
  • Patershol neighborhood.
  • House of Alijn.
  • Kraanlei.


Free tours do not have a fixed price, rather each person offers the guide the amount they consider appropriate, depending on their level of satisfaction.



From Thursday to Sunday. At 17:00
* Except winter from 11/15 to 3/1






• English speaking guide

Not included

• Drinks and food


* Read useful information.


Not suitable for people with reduced mobility.

People per booking

Maximum of 6 people per reservation.


If you are not going to be able to attend the tour, please cancel the reservation, if not, the guide will be waiting for you.


Meeting point

St. Baafsplein, next to the Municipal Bell Tower. Belfort. (Sint-Baafsplein, 9000 Gent).

Our guides will be waiting for you with the umbrella with the Mundistour logo. It is recommended to show up 10 minutes before the start of the activity.

• Reservations of more than 6 people are not allowed, in case you travel with family, colleagues or friends that exceed this amount, we recommend that you contact us through, to be able to advise you on the best option according to your needs .

• In the event that, eventually, the system is allowed by mistake to make the reservation or it is found that several reservations have been made for the same group, the acceptance and better organization of the group will be at the discretion of the guide. It is appreciated to show up 10 minutes before the start of the tour.

• In case of not being able to participate, we ask that you cancel your reservation, in order to give another traveler the possibility to take the tour.

• Despite always wanting to offer the best service to our travelers, circumstances beyond our organization may arise, either due to provisions or activities of local authorities, in which our services undergo modifications or omission of any of the points of our routes . If so, we appreciate your understanding.

• Pets Allowed. Bear in mind that there are places where you will eventually not be able to enter. Any action taken by your pet will be your responsibility. And you must meet the safety standards required by the city. In the case of excursions, you must pay the train supplement, communicating it at the time of booking at:

  • Guide complies with all sanitized measures recommended by the Belgian Government.
  • Social distance enforcing throughout the activity.
  • Use of the mask.
  • It is provided hand sanitizer.
  • Gear/equipment sanitized between use of them
  • Contactless payment provided.

We keep you safe!



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