Discover the heart of Europe with local guides appasionated by Belgium

Brussels is a mixture of cultures, religions, nationalities, ethnicities, ... that makes it a unique and different city, it is not only the capital of the EU and Belgium, a bureaucratic city, but much more.

In Brussels it can be seen one of the architectural jewels of all Europe, that amazes all tourists, the Grand Plaçe. We will take you to see a cathedral that sometimes tourists think that they are in Paris. We will discover the first roof-built galleries of all Europe… And even we will see a Little kid who is peeing in a corner of the city, The Manneken Pis. That is how unique and funny the capital of the country is.

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Brussels will not leave you indifferent thanks to its monuments, arts, history, culture, curiosities… but we will not forget its gastronomic delicacies.

By sure one of the most famous things about Belgium is chocolate. This is because Belgium is one the most and most exquisite producers of this product. Belgium chocolate is recognized worldwide by its quality and also its savor. One trip without tasting Belgium chocolate is not a complete trip to Belgium.

And another product related to Belgium is beer. This elixir is a serious topic for Belgians, no jokes are accepted. Belgians are really proud of its Belgian Beer industry, even the mayor Beer company is located in Belgium. But not only for this Belgium is recognized as the Country of Beer. Here it is produced more than 1000 different beers and many of them are recognized as best beers worldwide. You must try so many different beers as you can in your trip to Belgium.

Come and visit our country and we will discover you unforgettable secrets about this wonderful country. An experimented and passionate guide will show you this beautiful city. We offer you activities to discover the main spots about Brussels.