Christmas markets. Belgium fills with light.

Christmas markets. Belgium fills with light.

Brussels grand place at Christmas time.
Brussels grand place at Christmas time.

It is always a good time to get to know Belgium, but from the last weekend of November to the first week of January the country has a special light and a unique aroma. It’s Christmas time in Belgium and cities are filled with markets, skating rinks, lights, smells and … endless Christmas shows.

Lights and sounds all over the city


Mercadillos de navidad. Bruselas
Christmas markets. Brussels

The best known and most emblematic place in Brussels is the Grand Plaçe, and, surely, many people will direct their eyes towards this place as the main point of the capital markets. Well, no, in the Grand Plaçe the gigantic Christmas tree is placed, which changes its decoration every year, and the Christmas Nativity scene.

In addition, every night from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., the sound and light show takes place every night. It is possibly the most special event of all those held in the capital during this time. Seeing the mythical buildings of the Grand Plaçe illuminated to the sound of light and music is something unique and unforgettable.


What else can we find.

However, not only is there a play of lights in the Grand Plaçe, but in other parts of the city we can also see different buildings illuminated with a special show for these dates. One of the most beautiful is in the church of Saint Catherine that performs a play of light and sound on the church and the square that bears the same name every half hour. Or one of the most spectacular, which is in the Plaza Real where the Museums of Fine Arts of Brussels are located. There from 5:00 p.m. the building that overlooks the Plaza Real is illuminated with different important works that the museum has. And these come to life so that everyone can enjoy the beauties found within the walls.

Not only will buildings be illuminated, but so will various murals from the comic. Seeking to unite the tradition of comics, urban art and Christmas, special murals have been designed for the Christmas dates that will light up in a unique way and come to life.

If you want to discover any of these lights with us, join the Free Tour Brussels. In addition to ending up in one of the places where the light comes to life, we will explain all the secrets about these special dates.

Christmas markets

Árbol de Navidad Gran Place Bruselas
Christmas tree Grand Place Brussels

However, the markets themselves are placed in different parts of the city. In Sainte Catherine, the old port of Brussels, is where the most booths are located and, not only that, but also the gigantic Ferris wheel. Which is one of the most striking attractions. Being able to see the whole city from the heights fully illuminated.

Mercados Navideños
St. Catherine Christmas Markets

In the area of this neighborhood we will find a multitude of booths in which to enjoy gastronomy, both Belgian and foreign. Countless food and drink stalls, here you can taste from typical Belgian meals, from boulettes (meatballs), sausages, French fries with a thousand and one sauces to the sweetest dishes: waffles, cuberdons (typical Belgian sweet from Ghent) , speculos (typical Christmas cookie that is now consumed all year round) or delicious chocolates.

We can not only satisfy our hunger, but also our thirst, since there are many stalls that sell drinks. We can find stalls with different beers (of course, we are in Belgium), others with wines and champagne. But it is winter and here you can taste the typical hot wines that in many stalls are seasoned to suit the customer with different alcohols.

Not everything is going to be eating and drinking


Likewise, there are many stalls in the different squares where the market stalls are placed where things other than hedonistic pleasure are sold. We can find stalls that sell local crafts made of wood or leather. Also with places where you can buy handmade jewelry, clothes of different styles or even handmade soaps. There is an infinite variety of products that can be found and, of course, products related to Christmas to decorate your home.

In addition, at the end of the boulevard de Saint Catherine, where most of the Christmas stalls are located, there is an attraction that always attracts attention. Both from Bruselians and visitors: the giant Ferris wheel. It is worth going there and climbing it, preferably when night begins to fall in order to enjoy all the beauty of the capital of the country fully illuminated.

Activities for everyone


Mercados Navideños
Christmas Markets

The Ferris wheel can be a great activity if you come to Brussels with children, but another of the great attractions that the little ones, and not so little ones, enjoy is the skating rink. This is located in the De Brouckere square, it is outdoors and there you can rent skates and slide down its ice rink for half an hour.

A cinema for children will be installed completely free of charge in Monnaie Square. In which sessions will be held every Sunday morning, so the Christmas activities in Brussels can be experienced both with the family during the day and with the elderly in the afternoon / evening.

Go ahead and discover Brussels in one of its most special moments, you see that there are activities for everyone. At this time the city does not leave anyone indifferent.



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