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¡HI! MUNDISTOUR is nice to meet you


Mundistour is created from the desire to satisfied and provide the best service to travelers, no matter if it is an educational, leisure, business trip or even if you live in this country and still you don’t know this wonderful country: Belgium.

We are a group of tour guides with a lot of experience in the tourism sector, who has come together to share our knowledge, our experiences, our advises and our love for this country with all people who would like to join us.

Our tour guides accomplish the key points of Mundistour:

  • Respect all our travellers.
  • Respect environment.
  • Seek your satisfaction.
  • Eenseñarle la historia, el arte…
  • Mostrarle la maravillosa arquitectura.
  • Tell you curiosities and, why not, mundane.
  • Guide you on your visit to Belgium so that will be unforgetable.

How do we accomplish our mission?

We provide you a variety of activities: Free Tours, day trips, thematic tours, private tours and any touristic activity in which you would be interested. But with a human warmth, because we do not see you only as a tourist, but also as a friend knowing our home.

In each activity you join us, you will discover a new place in the heart of Europe, called Belgium.

Belgium will take you back in time with its extraordinary architecture, its art that marked an era and its remarkable history.

But not everything in life is culture, although who says that gastronomic pleasures are not?

You will be sweetened by its appetizing waffles and its wonderful chocolates. Belgium is one of the best and largest manufacturers of chocolates and you will smell its aromas in many of its narrow streets.

In the other hand, if you prefer salad food, you could also satisfy your appetite with its famous curious cooked French Fries.

Not to forget that if someone visit Brussels, it is essential to stop in a bar to drink one of its hundreds of beers. We can tell you all about this fabulous dish and you will be surprised by what we will tell you about beers.

So much to see, so much to try and so much to taste.

Are you still here?

Don’t waste time and book now! Choose the activity that best matches the time you have and your tastes. So, you are bound to find one you will like.

And if you have any questions before, during or after your visit, do not hesitate to contact us.